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How does RhAG work

RhAG has always been about supporting parents and guardians as they go on the journey with their children through Welsh Medium Education and beyond. The period begins before the birth of the child, with promotional work within the antenatal and early years sector, and we work with stakeholders positively and proactively to ensure that access to Welsh Medium Education is available to all who desires it.

Through this work we are also working to ensure that more Welsh-medium schools open across Wales so that demand rises. We work closely with a wide range of stakeholders - in schools, Local Authorities, Mentrau Iaith, education consortia, Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Mudiad Meithrin, private care providers to name but a few.

We also work with parents directly to support them when specific cases arise. We do this through direct advice and representation.

A network of volunteers across Wales, parents, carers and friends of Welsh Medium Education, represents the organization through a variety of committees and forums and feeds back to a national management committee. Anyone is welcome to join us as an organization and we are grateful to any volunteers who are willing to assist us with specific causes in areas across Wales.